Solar Street Light With IP Camera

All-in-one solar street light with IP camera, based on Solarwon commercial solar street light, is a perfect solution for both lighting and monitoring without external power, no wiring and cabling.

As a default, built-in IP camera works 24/7, with 4MP fixed lens, and connect via WIFI. Easily access by your phone, tablet and PC at anywhere and anytime.

LED power can be customised from 30W to 100W. So as a result, this product can be installed at 5 meters to 9 meters.

PIR Sensor

when people come, make LED fully output;
when people go away, make LED into dim mode.

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High Lumen Output LED

lifespan is up to 50,000 hrs, use Cree or Bridgelux chips.

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4MP IP Camera

24/7 working, WiFi connection as default, easy access by phone, tablet and PC.

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Built-in Lithium Battery

Class A, up to 5 years lifespan

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Solar Panel

Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

High efficiency, up to 25 years lifespan.

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OEM for 30W to 100W
All-in-one Solar Street Light with IP Camera

Solar Street Light with IP Camera

Solar Power, WiFi Connection, 4MP
Integrate solar panel, lithium battery, charge controller, PIR sensor, LED chips and IP camera, all into an alumimum alloy housing shell.